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I was up by 99 points over Larue when he places down "REEFING" for 91 points (triple-word score plus the 50 bonus points for using all seven of his tiles) to go out and end the game, which meant that I had to subtract the 5 points I had left on my rack and give it to him, putting him up by 2. He won. From 99 points down. Donkey. The cooler weather around here provides a wonderful combination of wardrobe experience and tanning. I guess it's probably a discomforting thing to feel the air whoosh by your hand when you're holding something that someone is pounding in with a sledgehammer. At least, Andy sounded discomforted when he described how close I was getting to his hand. I should start awarding cat stickers to girls who lament their seemingly perpetual singlehood aloud. So great is my desire for S.D.O. to play frisbee today that I told Mrs. S.D.O., "My heart will be filled with a bitter sorrow the oceans could not dissolve should he decide not to play." For about the one-thousand, seven-hundred and ninety-eighth time in my life, someone jokingly claimed that, based upon my wardrobe tendencies, they had suspicions about my "orientation."

posted by Bolo | 1:38 PM
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