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F-Stop Favorites

I've been meaning to toss up some of my favorite pics from the past couple of years, ones that have been buried in the archives for a while. These shots, for the most part, were taken outside, which tends to be my favorite shooting environment.

If you click on the picture to see the high-res image file, you can see the finer hairs on the abdomen of the bee.

Christmas Morning, 2006, just before Andrew, Sandi and I paddled out at Canoe's. White Christmas? Heck, no!

This one makes me tilt my head from side to side and squint my eyes.

Strange sight, this, but the colors draw me in again and again. It gives off an isolated, introspective feel.

Walking off into the sunset? Indeed.

This one came on an early morning sometime this past winter. I'd been switching between using Kyle's 35mm Nikon and my S70 when the sun came up just above the tree line. I still haven't developed the film from the Nikon.

Amazing what light does to bring out the intrinsic beauty in the ordinary.

Fall is achingly beautiful. Too bad it serves as Winter's predecessor.

Feels like there's all sorts of movement going on, even though there's not.

Heh. Never intended this one to look this good. That's usually how it is, though.

If memory serves me correctly, I was flying back to the 'Ville from Detroit while on a recruiting trip. Dr. Brand was also on the flight, and he was squished in next to another big dude. I think I enjoyed the flight more than he.

I was eating in the cafeteria when the setting sun presented my lens with a beautiful view. I was happy about that.

The tiny water droplets only heighten the fine, delicate details of the feather.

I kept tossing leaves up into the air in order to get this shot. Lots and lots and lots of leaf tossing that day, believe me.

I like how the sun is mirrored in the water.

My shadow, Scott's shadow.

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