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What He Longs For

Today at lunch, I shared with Joseph what Jim had once told me: "Don't drag your heels; the LORD longs to be merciful to you."

I thought about that once more just now, and in doing so, felt astounded by the depth of God's mercy. I realized anew that my concept of God's affection for me is so incredibly tiny in comparison to reality, and furthermore, that the way I live my life reflects that.

Jimmy Scroggins preached a message in Dorm Meeting last semester, one that I think I need to revisit. In the message, he gave a wonderful illustration on grace. Thinking back on it now, I remember how clearly God's grace seemed to me that night. I also remember feeling much like that child did, wanting to pay his father back, wanting desperately to make everything right. I also remember listening to Dr. Scroggins convey with incredible clarity something I feel more and more every day: I have no means to fully appreciate the cost of God's glorious grace. Does the LORD scorn me for my inability, for my shortsightedness? No!

God's grace is free. It is given joyfully. It is infinite, sufficient, meeting our every need. Just as an earthly father delights in granted his children good gifts, everything from an ice cream cone to a college education, so our Father in heaven delights in granting us everything from our daily bread to our eternal salvation. Nothing is too great or small for Him, for He longs to be merciful toward us.

posted by Bolo | 5:34 PM
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