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If Peter is the New Guy, what are we going to name the new guy? That Ethiopian Sidamo is way, way, way too delicious for my safety or sanity. What happens when I run out? Seriously, Mon, rotate the pics before you upload 'um! Even though Glen Moore was declared a mooch today, what made it noteworthy was that I was the moochee! We lost our league game tonight, but I think that was due to a lack of chemistry on our part, for which I mostly blame the setter. I don't think Andy will ever get Karen lunch. Wait, I'm our setter, aren't I? If the score of the Scrabble game is 164 - 35 after two turns apiece, I guess I don't blame her for not really wanting to play it out. Since Mon finally updated her blog, I've come to a conclusion: cute never gets old or goes out of style. Smythe and I managed to have breakfast together without a single signature Smythe moment. There's no flippin' way Stephen really hit that pen. Ok, maybe he did, but I only believe him 'cause he claimed that Szrama pitched it and Mantooth caught it on the fly, and both of them backed up the story. Bedtime.

posted by Bolo | 12:25 PM
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