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Go Irish!

The 2007 college football season ensues tomorrow for the Irish, and until now, I've been quiet on the issue, content to merely gather and read what others are saying. I'm excited about this season, even optimistic. Last year at this time, a lot of the talk seemed just that -- talk -- while there were hushed, almost fearful whispers about several key issues. The offensive line wasn't looking very strong, the team didn't seem very fast, and depth was a concern.

All of these hushed whispers turned into loud groans about halfway through the first quarter of the Michigan contest.

Fast-forward to the last day of August, and the whispers are no more. Sure, the Irish have lost some of their most celebrated and, statistically-speaking, accomplished players in their storied history. But what of it? The offensive line, while not laden with the "experience" of last year's starting five, are bigger, stronger, deeper, and more talented. The defensive backfield is faster, deeper, and more talented. The running backs? All five of the guys are quality backs, and all of them will see significant playing time, unlike last year. Freshman are going to see the field, but mainly because they're talented, and not just because the upperclassmen are entirely inept. Sure, there are still reasons for skepticism, as the defensive line is lacking a behemoth at nose guard, much less a backup for their starter, and the linebacking corps does not yet have the benefit of two solid recruiting classes at linebacker to provide the talent and depth their new 3-4 defense requires.

But you know what? I'm fine with all of that. The pundits aren't expecting much on the field from the Irish this year, as nobody has pegged them as being Top-25 material. Nor, for that matter, should they. Charlie Weis and company haven't proven jack squat on the field this year, and everything that was done in the past two years was done with the help of a guy now donning a jersey for the Cleveland Browns.

I don't necessarily expect a whole lot in the W column this season, but I do expect to be pleasantly surprised by the guys whose names aren't known by people who don't follow all things Irish. What's more, I do expect that those names, the names that I've been following for years now, will not only be well-known, but also loved and loathed with the same passion and vehemence that I've come to expect for those who don the golden helmets.

Aaahhh...kickoff is just around the corner...

...and I'll be playing the inaugural game as the captain of my frisbee team.


Go Irish!

posted by Bolo | 10:27 PM
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