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My conversation with Andrew was crystal-clear, right up to the point where he finished informing me that he and Sandi were driving through the mountains, and therefore might be cutting in and out. That's right when he started to cut in and out. That Scrabble game from last night was pretty lengthy; it's a good thing Ashlea didn't realize that there were words played that weren't legitimate words, or else our game may have lasted even longer. Who else saw that look on Shuey's face when Morgan was throwing the ball yesterday? That look was the look of every dad out there who discovers that his kid might have a better arm than he does, the look that all but shouts, "Hey, that's my kid!" Speaking of looks, I saw that look you were sporting when I was talking to Fullerton, S. David. And I saw that whispering you had going on with Mrs. S. David, too. Yeah, I saw you. Boss, aren't you gonna be home soon? Mr. Calvinaugh, how goes the roasting? I think I like listening to Shaggy 'cause it takes me back to high school. Ok, maybe that's more like way back to high school. Whatever.

posted by Bolo | 6:41 PM
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