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Sweet Separation

When one reads the Scriptures, it quickly becomes apparent that God hates idolatry. When reading through Hosea, it is a sober realization to begin to understand that God's mercy toward those whom He would save takes the form of the hedging in, or, practically speaking, the removal of access to or pleasure derived from those idols.

I love this World...I do. I may not say it with my lips, but my heart constantly cries out for more, more, more! More of what? Why, pleasure, of course. It is a cheap, diseased pleasure, make no mistake, but it is pleasure nonetheless.

It is also idolatry.

It fights for the chief affection of my heart, that which belongs to God alone.

It is sinful.

God desires me to have pleasure. Just as He hedged in Israel, cutting His beloved off from those unsatisfying idols, so He cuts me off from the things my heart craves. In doing so my heart aches, becomes bruised, and yes, even begins to wonder if the LORD is still faithful. Yet, in the midst of such miserable mercy, there comes a point at which I am reminded of His promises, namely, those of pleasures forevermore. I am also reminded, as my head is raised and my eyes are drawn heavenward, that I do not deserve such pleasures, and that such pleasures come at the greatest of cost. I am reminded that the Father's promises come not without pain to Himself, without a cutting off of, a separation from a pleasure that I ought not to have: that of knowing the intimate, unashamed fellowship and love of Christ, of being known and loved by Him, being made one with Him.

posted by Bolo | 7:00 PM
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