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Today's Linkage is a nod to the sports geek in me. The pennant races are heating up (or cooling down, depending on your perspective) for the boys of summer, and all too soon, the quiet that is the world of college football will break out in a hopeful storm with the start of a new season. Aaahhh...what a time of year!

Really?. Wow.

When I was younger, and Joe was still a 'Niner, Dad would always remind me, "Don't get Joe Montana mad!" No kidding.

You want to know what can make a couple of lifelong Red Sox fans cheer against their team in one of the greatest games in franchise history? Want to know what will make a couple of Boston guys sit in front of the TV set, wearing St. Louis Cardinals "gear" over their replica BoSox jerseys? Want to know what can make a couple of decidedly heterosexual males jump up and down, hugging and almost kissing, in the middle of Game 4, the deciding game of the Series? Ask Nick and Ray, the two guys who had what they thought were non-refundable tickets to that Game 5.

I remember this game, and I seriously remember crying after that kick sailed through the uprights. He's right about that kick; it was ugly.

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