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Na 2007: Lesson #3

As we went through the days of New Attitude, Andrew and Sandi and I spoke about our friends from home. 'Drew and I, in particular, spoke of the Surf Crew, and how great it would be to get all of them up here next year so that we could have a little Hawai'i contingency represented at the conference.

Looking back over the years, I realize that my life has become incredibly blessed. Incredibly blessed. Paul tells the saints in his letter to the church at Ephesus that we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ. Yet it seems clear to me that some saints, by God's sovereign grace, come to apprehend and comprehend the depth and profundity of God's grace in such a way as to be able to cause others to see the same. This, in no small measure, is where I see tangibly this grace applied to my life, for I find myself surrounded by such saints.

In talking about our friends at home, the Uchidas and I are quick to realize our blessings, quick to realize the reasons for which Gary enviously says, "I hate you." We've been saturated in good teaching, soaked in a river of life-giving water. Dare I take this for granted?

When I hear Boss talk to me on the phone, I'm sobered by his voice, humbled by his words. When I read of Kev's frustrations and uncertainty, I see my own fears and doubts trampling across the page. When I think of my family, from my dad to the littlest Ing, I wonder what it would be like if and when I move home. Would I be of any use? Would I walk in the Spirit, or would I grieve the Spirit with my sin? *Sigh* can all be so scary, and it can all happen so fast.

When I was speaking to Scott and Em last week, we spoke of the responsibility we have as those who have received gifts from Christ. 'Tis no idle boast to recognize that we have talents that might edify the body around us; indeed, to ignore our gifts would be irresponsible and sinful, as Christ has given us these gifts for the building up of His body. What does all this rambling of mine mean? Simply put, this: I think of home quite often, and I hurt; I feel ill-equipped, yet I feel a profound responsibility; I see the task as enormous, yet I desire to engage in it.

Am I sane?

Still, just as John Piper reminded us, I see myself as hugely insignificant in light of God's glorious grace. May I continue to find joy in the light of that grace.

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