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Thanks, Mom

Today is Mother's Day. While I could go on at length about the various outstanding qualities of mothers everywhere, I'll sing the praises of one in particular: my own.

When I think about my mom, I shake my head in wonder. How any woman could endure so much with so little is beyond me. As I pondered how I would describe her life, I came to the conclusion that when Christ said to Paul, "My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness," He was also speaking of the way He would display Himself in my mother's life.

She's raised seven children; watched, loved, and cared for countless others; prayed for, cried over, disciplined and encouraged me; and most of all, she's shown me Christ through it all. Throughout my life, my mom has frustrated and awed me with her faithfulness to God. When she had nothing else, still, she had Christ. When He seemed to be far away, all she wanted was to draw near. If she did not have Him, the sun might still shine, but the world was dark.

The hairs on her head are no longer fully black, and she looks different than when all the hairs on my head were fully black (or when I even had hair), but she is more beautiful than ever, for she loves the LORD more now than ever. I still tilt my head and scrunch my face when she says something that comes across as a little doctrinally questionable, but she never fails to humble me in her pursuit of Jesus. She rises early to be with Him, and takes what He gives of Himself to her with a zeal and care that I can only begin to mimic.

When I think of my mom today, I think of her with fondness, but even more, I think of her with gratefulness. There is little that one such as myself can offer to honor such a wonderful, grace-filled life, save perhaps the joy that fills a mother's heart when she sees her son walking that same walk she's been walking, the walk of faith in Christ.

I love you, mommy. Thanks for showing me Jesus.

posted by Bolo | 1:50 PM
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