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I Think I Think

The more I live life, the more I find the Revell residence to be a place for intellectual stimulation. Therefore, with no further ado, I shall again detail the top ten things I think I think after returning from Rev's pad tonight:

10. I think I would love to tell Daddy Rev, "Turn right here...turn right here...turn right here...right here right here right...well...uhhh, that right was the right you were supposed to turn at."

9. I think watching Philip and Eric go at it has a sort of...oh...well...tantalizing quality to it.

8. I think the Gorge will definitely be on the schedule this summer, no doubt about it.

7. I think Philip's mug was probably stolen by some girl's boyfriend in a fit of jealous rage.

6. I think there are three tangible qualities that separate the poser surf shops from the real ones. First, board wax. If I can't walk in there and get a good sniff of Sticky Bumps, what's the point? Second, employees. If they don't know how to use a fin key off a pair of boardshorts, then they probably call boardshorts "swimming trunks." Third, surf boards. When was the last time you walked into a Hollister and saw real surf boards for sale?

5. I think I'll never look at Ipecac in quite the same way ever again.

4. I think the next top ten list will get me in trouble. Yes, that top ten list.

3. I think I was the idiot for the evening. No, check that, I know I was the idiot for the evening.

2. I think 2009 may hold some interesting surprises.

1. I think the fireworks from tonight made me crack up way too much.

posted by Bolo | 3:41 AM
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