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The Boyce College Scandalous Press

Rumor has it that Nick Crouse and R. Lauren Duncan, fresh off of their starring roles in the New Boyce College Promo Video, are going to be seeking to produce a sequel, preferably with the new crop of Boyce College Student Ambassadors. Although many have been striving in valiant vanity to unearth a script, insiders close to the situation claim that the silly pair are looking to take advantage of Crouse's signature line, "You've expressed interest in the school," as well as Duncan's now-infamous Ridiculous Ringtone.

Those who were with Adam Jividen while he watched coverage of the NFL's annual Draft witnessed a rather strange event. While this event did have to do with Brady Quinn's inexplicable fall to the 22nd spot in the first round of the Draft, it is necessary to note that Jiv is a die-hard Browns fan, and therefore, is at least somewhat excused for his lapse. What happened, you ask? Well, though I was not there, friends say that Jiv might have lost control of his functions at the precise moment he realized that the Browns had made a trade with the Cowboys for the 22nd pick, which was quickly followed by the announcement that Brady Quinn was headed to Cleveland. When his good buddy, J-Mac, was asked about this, he could only reply by retorting with vehemence, "Jiv's had a rough year, ok? I mean, can you say, 'Buckeyes and Gators'? Get off his back!"

Sarah Cress, of Scrabble fame, has been reported to be walking the halls of Mullins muttering, "Menthols, menthols, menthols!"

A certain Southern Seminary female, having recently divulged information to friends of hers concerning her rather expansive fan base, has decided to create a fan club specially dedicated to none other than herself. Perhaps she finds that her life is of far greater hilarity than that of, say, the many famous celebrities being poked and prodded by the media and masses, and therefore desires to give her loyal worshipers a formal fix for their devious desires. Whatever the case may be, know that those out there who are waiting in ardent anticipation of becoming a charter member of her fan club will soon have their prayers answered.

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