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I'm glad for the excuse, I really am. Last year at this time, I was the one doing the traveling. Boss took it on himself to ensure that I wasn't going to miss out, which was very, very gracious of him. After all, he argued, since he couldn't make it due to scheduling frustrations, it wouldn't do to have neither one of us there for the wedding.

I don't even remember precisely when all of this started; perhaps it was somewhere before my freshman year in high school, possibly the eighth grade, which would make it his sophomore year. That, I think, is when Andrew and I met each other.

I doubt either one of us knew then what we know now.

It's early on a Saturday morning here. Half a lifetime ago, Kentucky was a place where weirdos lived, and Louisville was the place where bats were made. Today, half a lifetime later, the 'Ville is where we'll meet up yet again.

We've had many meetings over the years, Andrew and I. There were the times we'd go into his driveway to play basketball on the rim above the garage. The rim's not there anymore, so far as I know, and I don't think we've balled together since he got hitched; that's a mercy of God that we've not, truly it is. Who can forget the Dark & Early setup crew? Or the youth staff meetings at Jon and Amy's? Or the sessions where 'Drew and I were "on time", leaving Boss waiting at Kewalo's? I think both of us vividly recall instances from Malaekahana, Erdman, Hilo, and everything else in between. And, lest I be accused of being thankless or unworshipful, let me reflect fondly upon the many, many, many meals we've partaken of together through the years. Ono! Boots & Kimo's, Kaka'ako Kitchen, Gina's, Young's, Zippy's (King Street, King Street, Pearl City two-story, Dilingham, and all da odda ones, too), Makino Chaya (where's my hamachi, gonfunnit!?!?!?), and Alicia's (wasabi masago!)...I could go on and on...or On On! There was that time I had to talk to him in Starbucks; what an idiot I'd been. There were the times he'd come back from Vancouver, and the times I'd make it home from the 'Ville. There have also been many meetings via the telephone (though not so numerous as one might imagine), and a handful of chats via email. Whenever we'd meet out in the water, I could always tell it was him by his paddle. And whenever I'd be ready to leave the water for food, I could always tell he was ready to leave for food, too.

Through it all, I think 'Drew and I have learned that we'd be fine meeting each other pretty much anywhere (except Cinnamon Girl). When the two of us were sick with the flu the first time he made it to the 'Ville, we still had a blast. When he called a couple Novembers ago, we discovered a new level of faithfulness and love within our friendship. When he got married a year ago, it was one of the proudest moments I'd ever known.

And when he and Sandi get here with the rest of their crew from Christ Community Church, it'll be a moment we've been looking forward to for a long, long time.

New Attitude
is here. It's May 26. The festivities will start in under twelve hours, but for me, it's a more than a conference, it's a great excuse to see that Uchida guy :)

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