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I wish I had a dime for every time I saw someone list Jim Elliot's quote on Facebook; yes, you know which quote I'm talking about, since it's the only one he ever really gets quoted for en masse on Facebook. I'm wondering how much time Rev will be spending in Heine over the coming weeks and months. Yesterday, I had a very interesting question posed to me: Do I ever see the world outside of a camera lens? I had an interesting answer, one that may get expounded upon later. At about 7:05 PM, I began to wonder if I ever again was going to see my cuff links, suit, shoes, and who knows what else was leant out tonight. Oh well. Tony, those sandwiches...dude...they had enough beef in 'em to make me moo. So, Blue-Gold game gone and done with, the next mystery that Subway Domers and real Domers alike want solved is where Brady Quinn will go in the draft. I think end up staying close to home and be a Cleveland Brown, but that's just my guess, and my guess means nothing. The whole Balloon Glow thing? Well, like Moon Pie said...not for a bunch of guys. Unless, of course, we're gonna go with Rev all properly sized up...

posted by Bolo | 2:30 AM
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