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Seeing More Than Just Stuff

I thought about it last night as I walked along the J-Bowl. I asked God, "Do I really want to see You? Or am I blind, or maybe just stupid, 'cause I know I can see, but it's like I'm the guy who's standing in front of the ocean while the sun sets for the night...but I'm closing my eyes to it all." What I was thinking about was seeing and savoring Jesus. It's a phrase that can get tossed around here fairly easily, with not nearly as much real consideration as it deserves.

As I talked to God about it, I was reminded of a particular Piper sermon, part of which I'd listened to recently. In it, he prays. The whole way through. Let me rephrase it, 'cause it may not make sense: John Piper prayed a sermon. What I remember about it is that he told his congregation was that since Christ was in them (united with Him), he was going to pray and, as he looked at them, look at Christ.

I'll be honest, I thought it was a little weird. But last night, as I walked, I realized why it seemed so weird: I don't seek to see and savor Christ in the people of Christ. I often dismiss others as not being worthy of my attention, or of not being able to offer me anything.

I think you can see where I'm going with this.

Isn't Christ worthy of my attention? Isn't He sufficient for me, my all in all? Yes, He is. Seeing Christ in the people of Christ is a hard work, and one that I'll be failing at for the rest of my life. Still, I am to try by His grace to keep seeing and savoring Him, and especially so in the lives of His people.

Hypothetically speaking, say I were to find out right now, as I sit here in my room, exhausted after over two hours of fairly intense volleyball, that someone I would really love to see but haven't seen for a long time was across the campus in the Legacy Center. Maybe it could be Boss, Kason, Dad, Kev, Leo, 'Drew, Kavin, or Mom. Take your pick. Doesn't matter, 'cause whoever it was, I'd be out the door and running, leaving this post to be finished sometime tomorrow.

Would I run to Christ in such a manner? Of course I would.

Or would I?

He's not kidding when He says that He will be with me, with us, and that He is glorified in the lives of His people. Do I desire to see that glory?

posted by Bolo | 11:35 PM
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