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S. David

This post is proof positive as to why Scott O'Neal does not like me to take pictures of him very often; he's worse than a girl in that regard, and he'll probably cause a liberal amount of grief to be borne by my conscience for this post, but he'll get over it. I figure that being the friend to him that I am, it is my solemn and moral duty to allow current Boyce College students to better know this man of legendary and intimidating stature. After all, no one has quite been able to duplicate his hair, try though they often might. Therefore, with no further ado, nor with heavy-handed words unsuitable for the glory of His White Hairyness, here are The Many Faces of S. David O'Neal:

This is about as near to the Ice Cream face as he'll get, short of actually having ice cream in front of him for his ecstatic consumption. Should you, our beloved readers, never experience seeing Scott in such a state, note that his eyes will be much bigger prior to ingesting any ice cream, but once that ingestion occurs, his eyelids will close and his eyeballs will roll backwards into his head.

The Stop Taking Pictures of Me, Toto face. 'Nuff said.

He's gotten better at this face, but it's the I'm Trying to Relax Like Toto face. Like I said, getting better.

I'm not sure what this face really is, but I'm wagering a guess that it's the You Did Not Get a Date face, reserved for when pigs are flying, hell freezes over, and Toto does get a date.

Hmmm...maybe Em knows...

The Dave O'Neal face. Well, kiiiind of. I've gotten it often enough to know what it really looks like in full bloom. Biggz may have gotten it more, but I'm not sure.

This is Scott's Multipurpose Gaze face. It could mean anything from, "I'm calculating how much time we have, 'cause I think that if we leave right now to get ice cream, my wife will never know" to, "I don't know if I used a sufficient amount of sources for Dr. Wellum's research paper." Like I said, it could mean anything.

posted by Bolo | 12:01 AM
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