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To-Do List

A list of a rambling nature, gentle reader, of some things I shall endeavor to do in the near future.

Figure out if I like the new Blogger Beta enough to switch to it. Pray several rosaries each day until the Sugar Bowl. Pack. Pick up that manini paycheck from the potassium source. Call Mom. Borrow some books from the JPBCL for the trip home. Call Dad. Figure out which part of my wardrobe will be going with me. Ask Kayla what books she's recently read. Ambassador tours. Call Lisa. Lick Kason's eyeball. Fill out that application I've been meaning to fill out for...oh...a long time. Call Dave Schuey. Eat hamachi sashimi. Eat a Zip Pac. Eat at Mitsuken's. Eat at Boots & Kimo's. Eat at On On. Laugh at Ah Lun as he sings, "Bring me flesh and bring me wine, bring me pine logs hither!" Wash clothes. Toss a frisbee with Kyle. Clean my room (shyadap!). Reclaim the B in LBJ. Converse with Kavin in Elvish. Roast Boss with 'Drew...'cause this might be our only chance, and two years is a wicked amount of time to endure. Grind da Friday Special at Kaka'ako Kitchen. Meet Koen Kekaulakuha'oamekanawai Kazumasa Ing. Jump up and down in my seat all the way to HNL. Surf.

posted by Bolo | 5:52 PM
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