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Thoughts: 'Aina

They still know our names at Gina's; that'll never change, ever. At least Gina didn't scold Andrew this time around. By name, of course. If Pastor Brad is on vacation again, I think 'Drew and I will file an official petition. How strange was it to see Pastor Mark in service today? Not that strange, considering Mon told me she and Dave had dinner with him a few nights ago in Phoenix. I actually felt a little cold earlier tonight. Doggy paddling works, by the way. So does treading water. It's interesting to clarify with the guys what a situation is, what a potential situation is, and determining at what point discussing a potential situation turns it into a situation. Free food is good, but free local food is unfathomably wonderful. A mere five points separated our family from Uncle Leonard's family in the games, but I'm convinced that we lost because God didn't want us to have to add to the trophy. It's raining right now; don't feel sorry for me. What you can feel sorry for me about is being hit on...*shudder*. Let's just say that it wasn't the one great experience I'll be telling the kids about. Three letters, Boss, three letters. Saw Jenn at FCF today, and as soon as we compare schedules, we'll be gittin' jiggy with it for a PBoD reunion...suhweet!

posted by Bolo | 3:52 AM
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