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No Matter What

Still thinking a lot about Piper's statement concerning the relationship between obedience and the cherishing of God's beauty. Also thinking a lot about my motives, namely, passion for God's glory.'s hard to cherish God's beauty at times, even when I'm staring it in the face...very hard. I know that I sin, and I see in Scripture how God hates sin, yet I find that even my reasons for hating sin are...well...sinful. It's simple, really: I want the appearance of holiness, yet I do not want all that true holiness entails, a part of which is the conviction of sin in each and every way it manifests itself within my heart and the mortification of it, again and again and again. The glorious light of God's gospel shines to shed light on my sin, yet it does so to His glory. The question I keep asking myself is, "Do I love to see the LORD glorified, no matter what, even when the LORD is glorified through the conviction and mortification of my sin?" It's a sober, gut-check sort of question that I don't like to ask myself most of the time.

posted by Bolo | 4:09 AM
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