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It's Friday, the 10th of November, which means we're two weeks away from Thanksgiving. Whoa. I find great amusement in the fact that little old ladies come up to you over a day after you gave a tiny one minute blurb on Boyce College and say things like, "I really enjoyed hearing you speak yesterday!" Speaking of amusement, I loved meeting Trey Salter's only regret is that I didn't get to hear more stories about Trey from his mommy. Oh, and speaking of meeting people, I think I'm done meeting anyone new for the month of November. I'm done on that one. Ok, maybe not, but talk to me about that next week. Erin Johnson is my hero for the day. Why? Well, she told me that she had a leftover sandwich from work, and she thought, "Wait, John Letoto would eat this!" The problem with that? She didn't have my digits. Problem solved, but said sandwich is gone. Bummer. I'm listening to a little Chicago, Barry Manilow, and Debbie Gibson tonight. Why do I bring this up? Well, other than the fact that I happen to like Chicago, Barry Manilow, and Debbie Gibson, I had an epiphany yesterday involving Ms. Gibson. As Trey was driving us to Cincy, I pulled up Jars of Clay's first album. When Trey couldn't identify one of the songs on the initial instrumentals alone, I freaked and went old man on him. I said, "You know, when Jars was popular, you were maybe six years old. I was older than that when Debbie Gibson was older." Since I knew 'Drew would appreciate that, I gave him a call to let him know. Anyway. I had a long conversation with Dr. Fred Smith of LTS while at the Convention in Ohio, a part of which covered the merits of Stephen R. Donaldson's pathetic protagonist, Thomas Covenant. Amazingly agonizing tale, that, the likes of which took me over a decade to traverse. Ugh.

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