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The Noise

It's just about 1 AM. You've just parked your car and are grabbing the stuff from your passenger-side seat. You close the door and begin the trudge toward your door.

And then you hear it. Whispering at you. Teasing you. Taunting you.

The Noise.

You stop, scrunch your face, squint your eyes, and purse your lips. If anyone were to walk past you at that lonely hour, they'd see the silhouette of your head tilt to the side ever so slowly, then hear you exhale a disbelieving, "Noooooooo..."

Yup. The Noise. It's not one you want to hear when you're a poor college student. It portends tragedy, or at the very least, heaps and heaps of worry. It's quite unexpected, so when it comes, recognition is not immediate; but when recognition sets in, so does frustration. Much like the bigfatwhiteheadedzit that pops up on the middle of your forehead the morning of a hot date, you know it's eventually going to happen to you, but the timing always stinks. Yup, that's the nature of The Noise.

I bet you want to know what The Noise is, don't you? Don't's coming after you, too.

posted by Bolo | 12:34 PM
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