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Matt Capps makes a wonderful pillow. Mushrooms...lots and lots and lots of mushrooms...Brittany knows this now. So should Jennifer, for that matter, stalker that she is. If anyone thought that Tuesday was lacking textual exposition, which it was not, to say the same of Wednesday would have been absurd. I think I must speak with 'Drew. And Boss. Last night, I said that to have all of my nieces and nephews come visit me here for a week would perhaps be the most wonderful thing ever. Well, I was wrong; it would undoubtedly be the most wonderful thing ever. I mean, seriously, everyone would know them, they'd eat it up, and Uncle Johnny would have the most fun of all! I want to be surfing riiiiiight about now. What to do next summer? So many options, and I've no idea which one(s) to pursue. Ashley Judd is getting married, and we were discussing her wedding colors, bridesmaid dresses, and flowers; it was not the least bit abnormal. Love the dresses, by the way. Gary, you should really be hating me right about now. Find places to eat at, lots of places, 'cause you've got some catching up to do. Whoa, do I actually have plans for Friday night? Perhaps, perhaps. I figured out that I'm pretty unique in the life of Mr. and Mrs. O'Neal; that's not a bad thing, either. What is a bad thing, however, is the fact that Mrs. O'Neal just couldn't leave the shoes alone. Providence of God, that. Yup, providence of God. We're on the second day of November. Whoa.

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