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The Game

My Top Ten thoughts following Ohio State vs. Michigan:

10. Those big runs that Wells and Pittman busted against that staunch UM defense? Wow.

9. Troy Smith just won himself the Heisman. Brady will still go to New York, but it'll all be for show.

8. Brady Quinn will be a better pro quarterback than Troy Smith. At least, that's my gut feeling on the issue. Wait a few years and we'll see, but I doubt I'm wrong.

7a. What's the deal with the off-center PAT? Why not the two-point conversion? Did Lloyd Carr finally crack under pressure?

7b. Here's the deal: I'm guessing that, down five and with nearly a full quarter of football left to play, Carr thinks that the likelihood of OSU scoring again is probably pretty decent. But, my hunch is that Carr was hedging his bet on his defense at least holding OSU to a field goal, rather than letting them score a full seven. With that scenario, UM only has to score another seven themselves to tie, rather than eight, should they fall short on the two-point conversion try. Make sense? If not, don't worry. If you were swayed by Bob Davie's continued questioning of Carr's call, just remember that he was a mediocre coach at ND, just like he's a mediocre commentator ;)

6. Erik Miller, of SBTS fame, said his sister, an OSU undergrad student, sold her student-section ticket for $1,000. If it were a ticket to an ND game where it was a #1 vs. #2 matchup, there's no way I'd sell it. Well, maybe...

5. I find the degree to which people can be swayed by sporting events nothing short of amazing.

4. I'd hate to be from the state of Michigan right about now.

3. Speaking of folks from Michigan, I wonder how Jeff "Big Papa" Pearson is feeling. Well, I know how he's feeling, but for a guy who's from Michigan and yet a huge Buckeyes fan, there's got to be something wrong with him up top. I mean, maybe he has a major guilt trip after every OSU win over UM. If so, that's a lot of guilt trip ;)

2. Not that I think we really deserved it, but there went ND's chances to play in Glendale. Oh well. So long as we beat USC, I'm a happy camper no matter where we play. I just don't want to lose another bowl game.

1. At least this year, Scott and Em didn't cause Pastor Cavie & Co. to miss The Game. At least, I think they didn't...

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