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"Howzit, brah."

That was just about the last thing I was expecting to hear in Indianapolis, surrounded by a whole lot of caucasians. At the Indy fair, as I was chatting it up with a couple of the guys from Indiana Wesleyan, I was told that one of my fellow recruiters was from Hawai'i. Now don't misunderstand me, but any time I hear that someone is from Hawai'i, I'm just a weeeeeeeee bit skeptical. A lot of times I do the alleged kama'aina in question a once-over, and I think to myself, "Heh...yeah, probably some haole who was born there when his parents were in the military." I mean, unless they ask you what school you went to within the first minute or so of conversation, they're not really from Hawai'i.

Imagine my shock, therefore, when such an exchange did indeed take place!

Turns out that Faith's dad is one of the pastors at MGMC. To top it off, both her parents were there in town to visit. It's probably a good thing our little reunion took place at the end of the fair (not to mention on the second and last night I was recruiting), or else I would have done about zero Ambassador stuff. As it was, I talked story with pastor Ronnie for a good bit, doing the, "eh, you know so-and-so?" thing for a while. We realized that we know a lot of the same people. No surprise, considering it is MGMC. I'm still thinking of people I forgot to mention (Uncle Bill and the Tamaokas, Mel, Koa, and about half of Moanalua Valley), but it wasn't like those we confirmed we both knew weren't plentiful enough ('Drew, Goose, Todd & Car, Shinnick, Rife, and the other half of Moanalua Valley).

Aaaahhhh, was good fo' hea da pidgin!

posted by Bolo | 7:56 PM
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