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Of Critters and the Cross

Some days, I can't help but wonder if all this is worth it. I wonder if heaven is worth it, if Jesus is worth it, if killing sin is worth it. For that matter, I wonder why in my saved self I have to keep killing sin if it's already dead. Seems to me that the last time I buried a little critter that was once alive, I didn't wake up the next day to find a zombie birdie chirping me face to face.

Other days, I really feel like Jesus needs to come back. Soon. Now. But when I think about it, I realize that I want Him back for selfish reasons, not for Kingdom purposes. I don't want to see Him because I love to see God's glory made the one and only delight of those around me, but because I'm tired of seeing the way I belittle His glory by not desiring His glory to consume those around me.

Most days, though, I just want to sit and sort of give up. I figure that if I just sort of keep on keeping on, eventually everything will get better, I won't sin anymore, and I'll suddenly find myself loving Jesus more than ever before.

All of my days, however, are a mystery to me. Why? Simply put, they're a product of something even more befuddling than undead birdies: God's grace. Every single day, days that are filled with grace that overcomes sin, is a day that deliciously displays God's power at work, not mine. My problem is that I forget that. I make my days about me, acting as though I have to hold up the weight of heaven on my shoulders, failing miserably in trying to live a life filled with my own righteousness. I forget that the cross is for sinners, for those who are graciously made aware of their sins, for those who are mercifully being shown their desperate need for still greater measures of grace.

posted by Bolo | 8:57 PM
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