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Do I?

I thought to myself, surely this is one thing implied in John 17:26 - that the day is coming when I will have the capacity to delight in the Son the way the Father does. My fragile eyes will get the power to take in the glory of the Son shining in his full strength just the way the Father does. The pleasure God has in his Son will become my pleasure, and I will not be consumed, but enthralled forever.

That little blurb from John Piper is one of the most impactful things I've ever read from him. I remember sitting in Chriyus' room one day, plopped down on his UT bean bag chair, letting the implication of that truth grip me and hit me, over and over and over again. That truth is a wonderful thing to ponder, for it pulls my eyes off of myself, forcing me to look toward heaven in hope, in strong joy unbridled. Far too often, I don't let such truth saturate my thinking; I feel the lack of it these days. I feel the lack of joy, strong joy in Christ, joy that would lift me from the depths of sinful pits darkened by doubt.

Last night I was reminded about such hope, such joy. Amazingly, that hope and joy came in the midst of grief, pain, and tears. I thought about heaven, and about beholding Jesus, and I thought, "Why don't I long for You now?" I have no excuse. The psalmist reminds us that the heavens are declaring God's glory; all of creation is! His name is to be praised from the rising of the sun to its setting; how can we, the redeemed, not do so with far greater insight and fervor? I thought about life, and about death. Do I live my life as though I yearn to see Jesus more and more and more every moment, in my own life, in the lives of those around me? Do I desire to love my Lord enough to even yearn for Him?

posted by Bolo | 10:48 AM
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