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Why We Talk

I was telling Scott that I take for granted the ability to sit there with him, face to face, and speak to one another gospel truths and glory in Christ together. I take a lot of things for granted; talking to Brian is one of the things God uses to make me thankful.

It's hard to talk to a guy when he's suffering, even harder when you know he feels like he's letting you down. I want to be able to lean on him for support, to have him encourage me, to hear his voice urge me toward embracing gospel truths. But then, over the connection spanning thousands of miles, I hear his voice falter, then get quiet, and I know with all the certainty our years of long talks have given us that I won't hear anything of the sort from my brother. That's when it gets hard, and I cringe. I know what's coming, I know that sigh. I've heard it from him many times over the years; he's heard the same sigh coming from me just as often. As much as my instinct tells me to run away and hide, there's no way I'd ever do that, and that's why Brian calls. He knows. I know he knows. He knows I know. What do we know? It's pretty simple, really. We know that because Jesus has died, we are one body, Christ's body, and that means that if my brother is hurting, then I'm hurting, too. It means he knows he has the right to call me and wake my sorry butt up at any hour, that I'll be rude and answer his call while I'm at dinner with the other Ambassadors, that I'll remind him that he and I both belong at the cross, kneeling there, because the cross is for sinners. And believe me, if there's one thing Brian and I know for certain, it's that we're sinners. We still need to be reminded that we belong at the cross...but that's why we talk...especially when we're suffering.

posted by Bolo | 7:59 PM
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