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I'll admit it. I was getting scared, really scared. I had called Mon before the game started; it was the first time I'd spoken to her since she became a mommy. The first words out of my mouth when she answered? "Are you as nervous as I am?"

Don't worry, I congratulated her on being a mommy...fifteen minutes into the conversation. Hey, I've been praying about the season for a long, long time! And for good reason, too, 'cause it was getting a little sticky there for a while. My fears about Brady and the rest of the Irish offense stalling were well-founded, and when they began to travel the road from the hypothetical to reality, I had to preach the Charlie Weis gospel to myself, just like the faithful Irish fan that I am. Given enough time, the Irish did what they needed to do to put the game away. I can sleep well tonight, having no fear of waking up in the morning with an ache in my stomach telling me that we lost.

One quick thought before I leave Georgia Tech behind me. That penalty flag the zebras threw for the personal foul that went against Tech was right on, and the replays showed it. All correctness of the call aside, I felt it was quite classless of the fan who threw that water bottle onto the field. If you were watching the game and saw it, you know exactly what I mean. As the referee was informing the crowd and the television viewership of the result of the penalty, a water bottle was thrown and landed close enough to him that he flinched visibly. There's never a need for that kind of display, period. At first I was upset at Tech fans in general; I realized, however, that that would be an erroneous generalization on my part, for surely the individual who threw that was being frowned upon by Tech and Irish fans alike. I thought about fans at UH football games; they often show themselves to be quite moronic, and often at the most inopportune moments. These moments include their rare, nationally-televised games on ESPN. I just shake my head, knowing those few lolo make us all look like a tribe of barbaric mahu. Great. Thanks a lot. Contrast that with UH fans at volleyball games, and you'll see where generalizations can become dangerous. Those fans are often some of the most knowledgable fans I've seen, not to mention the most gracious and appreciative. They like to give credit where credit is due, even if that means giving a standing ovation to an opposing team. Unfortunately, I didn't see that at all on ABC tonight. I watched the game as an Irish fan, yes, but I also watched it as a human who wouldn't have appreciated the classless action of one individual, no matter my football allegiances.

posted by Bolo | 12:32 AM
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