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Triumviratal Tendencies

Andrew, Brian and I have known each other for a relatively long time. Earlier tonight, Boss and I were reminiscing about when we first met just over seven years ago now. Little did we know how far we'd come, let alone how far the three of us would come together. While Boss and I chatted about old times, I observed that each of us is unique, bringing qualities and traits the other two might not have, or at least not in the same manner or measure.

'Drew, for instance, is by far the steadiest of the three of us. He's less prone to getting too up or too down than either Boss or myself. That quality alone has given him, if not necessarily clarity of direction, the ability to take somewhat steady steps where others would have stood paralyzed.

Boss said that he's the least steady of the three of us, and I acquiesced to that notion, but only after telling him that he's just like good coffee - strong, dark, and hot.


Moving on...

What I told him, though, was that while I may, at times, hide my herky-jerky emotions, they still peak and valley quite tumultuously to make me think I'm closer to the emotional side of things than the steadfast. Those who, like Boss and 'Drew, know me very well, would probably agree. In other words, I'm pretty much in the same emotional boat as Boss. The flipside of 'Drew's innate and uncanny ability to remove himself from the emotional frustrations of life more than Boss or I is that he may not always be as aware of sin as we are, at least not in a subjective sense.

'Drew and I talked about that a little over a month ago, I think it was. Where Boss and I may feel deeply the depths of our sin and struggle through it with much angst and doubt, 'Drew will be more likely to cognitively embrace God's grace and forgiveness. That's both good and dangerous, for all of us, as those who feel deeply the depths of their sin are prone to wallow in guilt, yet when they do embrace forgiveness, are prone to rejoice with great, bounding leaps of joy. Those who find forgiveness more easily are in danger of forgetting the wonder of the cross, forgetting the beauty of grace and the ugliness of sin. Those principles have undoubtedly been seen in Boss' life, for when he breaks through a cloud of guilt and doubt, he shines like the sun at noon. I love seeing and hearing him then; it's the Boss I know and love.

I told Boss that I'm definitely the cockiest. He agreed wholeheartedly. Laughingly, but wholeheartedly. 'Drew may be the unofficial leader of this triumvirate (he'll undoubtedly protest and try to shirk that title when he reads this), but I've no doubt I lead in confidence, a confidence that borders on outright arrogance. And that's precisely why, I told Boss, I need to get dragged through the desperate dregs of humility so often. I'm also incredibly prone to introspection and doubt, which, when combined with my healthy doses of confidence, makes for one moody dude. I'm amazed that 'Drew and Boss still put up with me. Then again, maybe not; after all, we each add something to give balance to this crazy trio.

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