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Oh boy. Less than an hour 'til kickoff. The last time we played Penn State, it was 1992. I was not yet in high school, Jerome Bettis was still at ND, Reggie Brooks was to go on to average over 8 yards a carry for the season, and Rick Mirer was being evaluated against Drew Bledsoe by NFL scouts to see which one of the two would be the first pick in the following year's NFL Draft.

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. O'Neal, I said I was not yet in high school. Hush.

I listened to the game on the radio at the Ho'olaule'a instead of watching it at home. Be aware that that's no small sign of the love I have for my father. With under a minute to go, we were down by 7. I remember listening to the play-by-play of the touchdown pass to Bettis in the closing moments, then going berserk as I was told, along with the rest of the hysterical Notre Dame Nation, that Mirer had found Brooks in the back of the end zone after scrambling right on the two-point conversion. It's probably one of my favorite moments as an Irish fan, made even more memorable because nearly one year later to the day, I found myself doing much the same thing, this time with a different ND opponent. Don't know the game? Ask FSU fans about it.

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