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Laughing Matters

I ran into Ryan in Honeycutt yesterday afternoon. He asked me how I was doing, and I told him that I was pretty much exhausted from the week, but that most of my duties and responsibilities were over and done with at that point. He then asked me how I was doing spiritually. I paused a little, then said that although I'd been reading some great things in Scripture, I felt like James' forgetful man.

Earlier in the week, Dan told Emil and I that he'd led a bible study that went through the book of James. In the group were a few middle school girls. When that passage in James that talks about the man who looks in the mirror, turns away, and immediately forgets what he looks like was read aloud, Dan told us that the girls laughed; they couldn't understand why anyone would look in the mirror and then forget their own face. When I heard that, I thought the girls were silly. They were laughing at Scripture! How irreverent could they be? But then Dan told us the punchline: their reaction was precisely the reaction James had in mind! Why would anyone look in the mirror and forget his own face? By the same token, why would anyone read the Word of God and then forget what it said, let alone forget to apply it?

I'd already told Ryan that it had been a busy week. There were periods where I literally couldn't recall the last time I had slept, what day it was, or when I would next be able to get more than an hour's worth of sleep. Despite all of that, however, my most pressing concern was the fact that I felt like I was someone worthy of being laughed at by a bunch of middle school girls. The thing is, it's no laughing matter to forget God's Word.

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