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Irish Inklings

I was telling myself (and those who would listen) all week that as many problems as the Irish had all over the football field, if our offensive line play would just improve to the point of being as good as it was last year, the rest would take care of itself. After watching today's game, I'm not saying I was right, but I will admit that it felt very nice to be able to see Brady settle his feet in the pocket for longer than it takes for me to yell, "Look out!" It was also quite gratifiying to see holes bigger than Darius Walker's dad opening up for #3. For the first time all year, it felt exciting to watch our offense on the march, something I hadn't felt since before the OSU game last season. And goshdarnit, all of a sudden Rhema McKnight can catch. Whaddayaknow! Ok, so he dropped that deep ball, the only deep ball Brady threw that was close to being caught. We still scored on that possession, so I can live with it. Just one of the many things to fix before USC...

posted by Bolo | 11:27 PM
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