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Hall Ball in the Fall

Here are, in no particular order, some of my thoughts on this semester's Hall Ball:

Achilles, the one and only Boyce Bulldog, likes to mark his turf with turd. Or in this case, his court with turd ;) Could his timing have been any better? All the halls are walking in, and he lays a few. I guess he's practicing for the season...

Dr. and Mrs. Duhklayvaughn are the coolest people ever. 'Nuff said.

Evan, on the other hand...ugh...I'm going to have nightmares of him and that leotard. I thought it wasn't going to get any more gross than when I saw him in it, then I heard Buck asking if he could borrow it. *Shudder*. Gross factor shot way stinkin' up there.

Was there anyone at Hall Ball who did not see that I was eliminated by a girl? If there is, I'd like to find that person, 'cause they were definitely in the minority tonight.

Parity. Parity, parity, parity. No one hall was dominant tonight, and no one hall was dominated. All put up a good showing, and the hall with the least amount of ballers made it to the finals. know who that was...

Eric Yeldell is a cheater. In the Battle of the Old Guys, I tagged Mr. Yeldell with an over-the-top throw sneak attack from behind one of the zebras. And what did he do? He promptly ignored his elimination! Of course, in my ensuing retreat, when I was hit on my feet (not by him and his weak arm, of course) with no recognition from any zebra, I showed a little integrity (ahem!) and took myself from play. Yeah, that's right, Eric...a little integrity...uh huh...look it up in the dictionary, buddy!

If pink is the new black (whatever), Jessica Cimato is the new Katy Barnes. But, like Todd Thomas said, "Well, she won't be having any babies."

I suppose it's a compliment of sorts when someone on the other team veritably throws away their dodgeball life in an effort to eliminate you. Thanks, Mr. Montgomery. I think.

If there ever was any question as to whether or not Boyce College would be having any cheerleaders for the upcoming basketball season, I think it was answered firmly tonight. I mean, did anyone else see the distinct lack of coordination on the sidelines?

Finally, like JVizzle said, "There's always next year."

posted by Bolo | 3:56 AM
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