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Weighty Price

Just a little while ago, Andrew and I discussed feeling the weight of our sin, and the implications that has upon our asking for forgiveness. In the Old Testament, there was a clear and weighty cost that was involved in atoning for sin, one that involved surrendering time, resources, and pride. This meant that for God's people, the weight of their sin was ever-present and real. In a sense, this is removed from us as believer's these days. The apparent ease with which we approach the throne of grace can be, if we're not careful, very deceptive. Because of Christ's completed work, atonement for sin is complete, forever and ever. Nothing we can do can add to or detract from it, if we are His. Yet, this does not mean that we should be any less reverent in our awareness of our sin. If anything, having seen the beauty and humility of Christ in His sacrificial death on the cross, we ought to be awed and crushed by the price that God Himself has paid for our sins.

Of course, it's easier said than done.

posted by Bolo | 3:52 PM
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