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They're Grand

I do believe this is the first time the Ing kiddies have met their cousin. They get to meet the other one in a little bit, when Mon gets back to Hawai'i. Within the past year, the number of grandchildren has doubled, and Mary's still got one more on the way. As it was, I already had enough trouble remembering their names and birthdays. Full names, mind you. People in Hawai'i don't have easy middle names like Michael, Thomas, or Elizabeth. Nope. Names like those are remembered 'cause they're easy to remember, and if you know what they mean, then that's just a bonus. Names like Kaleikaumaka, Kawailehua, or...or...darnit...whatever the heck Kason's middle name is...either one of them, 'cause I can't remember the Japanese one...well, names like those, you remember not because you actually know them, but because you remember what they mean. Or at least, you think you remember what they mean, and so you can work backwards and figure out what their name is supposed to be. Make sense? No? Too bad, 'cause that's all you're getting :)

Oh. Wait. I think it's Kavin's birthday today. Some uncle I am. Yep, I checked, it is. I thought he was getting a little big. *Sigh* many of little time with them...

posted by Bolo | 5:37 AM
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