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It Begins!

I suppose one might say that the 2006 - 2007 school year for Boyce College has, for all intents and purposes, been initiated. We just got back from the SLR (Student Leadership Retreat, Goose), and we' Kat put it, "retreated." Some highlights include:

"Five!" said while holding up two fingers in the air. Ask Byrd...even though I think I was responsible.

Chip's authentic sherriff's badge. He paid something like $23 for it; I told him we need an authentic deputy badge for me.

The chocolate store. Oh yeah. Even though I'm not a certified, card-carrying chocoholic, others in our group are.

"Teyun!" Some traditions don't die.

Byrd's purchasing of fake money. I told him the longer he waits to buy from me, the higher the exchange rate will be.

The Presidential Greeting. Emil knows what I'm talking about.

"That's too much chocolate for you!" Or so claims Bobby House...

JV's wisdom: ask for the big stuff, that way we get what we really want anyway.

JV's wisdom, part two: make the rookies do it.

"You said, 'Do she?'"

The folders. Wait...that's not a highlight!

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