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If I've seemed preoccupied as of late, I offer congratulations (for your observation) along with an apology; I have indeed been preoccupied, and when I feel that way, my heart has a tendency to push all that it deems extraneous to the side. Unfortunately for those around me, most people are categorized as such. Foolishness, I tell you.

These days, my mind seems to be a blur of thought and emotion. Five More Months of Summer has been a constant theme on the blog as of late, but it is a theme consisting of parts equally sober and comedic. While I'm very much resigned to the fact that life cannot currently be lived on an island nor ever as an island, I must confess that such thoughts do hold massive appeal to my homesick and hermitudinal yearnings. Believe me, the start of school hasn't helped. I keep thinking about leaving, and how close I came to getting that ticket home; still am, but hope fades with the passing of the hours. I wonder about what God has in store for me, but such fancies are laced with the doubts that spring from being one of the least driven people I know of. You know, it's funny how my lack of drive drives my sisters crazy. I wonder about the wondering; is the wondering making me wander away from what's right there, right in front of my eyes? I think about Jesus, and how quick I am to leave Him, to stray away from the simple truth of the gospel...and how loathe I am to go back to the cross. I'm grateful that no matter how slow I am to trust in Christ, He never wavers in giving me cause to trust Him.


posted by Bolo | 2:32 AM
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