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Leonard told me he was in Wal-Mart yesterday with Kris. While standing in line, he glanced over and saw the scattered gathering of baseball cards. He told me that it had been a while since he'd looked over what's on the market now, and so he went over to scan over all the new stuff. In doing so, he came across a box of Donruss cards. No big deal, right? Not so. He said, "The packs looked different from all the others because they were actual wax packs."

Wax packs. I don't even remember wax packs being around in high school!

The box he discovered was from 1987. Immediately, a picture of Donruss' '87 set came to mind: a black-bordered design with tiny baseballs on the left and right sides. Leo bought the rest of the packs in the box, all 13 of them, and went home and opened each wax pack. One pack even had a Mark McGwire rookie card. Man, that '87 Donruss set was sweet! McGwire, Bonds, Maddux...those guys used to be skinny and not so saggy, back in those days.

Yeah, we're going back nearly two decades ago, folks.

Wow, talk about nostalgia! He said it was the same rush, opening each pack. I remember the feel of the packs when they went from wax to foil; you didn't have to check the back card to see if it was stained by the wax, but you also had to pay for the increase in quality. The worst part of those wax packs was opening them, finding a really good card, then seeing that it was printed crookedly or something like that. I would say, though, that that was part of the charm. Not only was finding a good card a great feeling, finding a good card in mint condition was even better!

Leonard said that his 13 wax packs was the easiest $40 decision he ever made. He also said that Kris looked at him like he was crazy. That's ok; I would've looked at him like he was crazy if he didn't buy 'em :)

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