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A Very Practical Position

A while ago, Darren told me he'd heard his brother say that the Christian life is "learning to live out practically what we are in Christ positionally."

As I chewed on that this morning, the taste of that truth became very savory to me. My life seems to do very little to reflect my theology, save perhaps the doctrine of total depravity. Because I'm prone to introspection and self-deprecation, I'll wonder from time to time if I'm truly saved, or I'll place myself under a law that I cannot possibly fulfill, one that demands a penance that might look like humble Christianity, but is actually severe and proud, lacking a true trust in the wonderful, gracious atoning work of Christ. It is no humble spirit that looks upon Christ, and seeing the preciousness and wonder of His grace, turns about and strives to live up to that grace by hiding its failures behind still more futile works of law. Quite often, I find that I am that not so humble spirit.

Several weeks ago, Ryan preached about the lowly and humble service Christ rendered the disciples when He washed their feet. In that story, Peter is told by Jesus that his body is already clean, and only needs to have his feet washed. Ryan pointed out that this was to signify that the disciples, just as we are, are clean, already saved. Positionally, we are already seen as righteous before a just and holy God! Yet, the foot washing was to signify the need to be cleansed over and over and over again, for the feet inevitably get dirty when one walks in this World. There is sin, there is pain, there is failure. The World is filled with the muck and mire of depravity, and journeying through it as a child of God does not grant one immunity from the stains of its broken road. The challenge Ryan gave to us was one of humility: do we humble ourselves to allow Christ to cleanse our feet of the stains of sin, over and over and over again? It is a challenge that I fail. My eyes open wide in astonishment as I think about Christ, the one who has already died for my sins, cleansing me yet once more. I want to run, I want to hide, I don't want to let Him humbly serve me...again. Why? Because in my pride, I do not want to face the fact that I've sinned...again.

It's no easy thing to walk in accordance with the gospel. Yes, walking that path is utterly simple in theory; so simple that it's absurd. But is it easy? No. Yet, for some reason I cannot quite fathom, the LORD has seen fit to make His gospel so. As I look to Scripture, I see that it is to the praise of the glory of His grace, and that this is indeed for my good. If that is so, dare I look for an alternative, especially if that alternative meant my soul would ultimately exult less in Him than it otherwise does and will? No. Instead, I'll try to remember, by grace, that I am already made clean by Christ, and yet, when the ugly head of sin rears its head, Christ is the only one fit to cleanse me...again.

posted by Bolo | 7:45 AM
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