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Morning Jargon

Some quick thoughts for this Aloha Friday morning...

Norah Jones can sing to me any day of the week. She makes me feel like Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall all at once...but just the best parts.

Szrama...hehehe. For the record, I called it a long time ago. To myself, but still...I'm the only one who consults my records, so it still counts.

Sustenance Acquisition highlight for the week: five bags of Papa John's buffalo wings. Too many to count. Heck yeah :)

Ok, if I think I finally calculated correctly, and I've figured out that I worked 76 hours last week. *Whew*. Just 60 this week...and 60 more next week. Who needs a life, right?

Speaking of having a life, be proud of me, all who chide my hermitudinous ways, for I went to a little party last night. Nothing major, mind you, but I actually chose to do so. Amazing.

It's a couple of hours past midnight in Hawai'i, which means that it's no longer the 13th of July there. Mr. Mikami, your month is up. You can't still be dead tired. Slacker.

posted by Bolo | 8:04 AM
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