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So I just found out that one of my fellow seminarians lived in Kailua for five years. Of course, I never would've guessed, mainly because she looks haole as haole can be, and I automatically presume that members of the haole populace here can't tell Kailua from Kalua Pig or Kahlua. What's more, until very recently she didn't know I was from Hawai'i, which meant that the subject never came up in conversation.

Strange, isn't it?

Anyway, me being the proud local boy that I am, I decided to give her a little "So you lived in Kailua, but did you really live in Kailua" test. It went a little something like this...

1. Why would Jews like the Pali Highway?
2. Fill in the blank: For breakfast, go to Boots & _____.
3. An easy the mascot for Kailua High.
4. What meat do you put in YOUR musubi?
5. How many peaks does Olomana have?
6. If I said that some pake was eating poke, what would I mean?
7. If I said I was riding in Uncle Fasi's limo, what would I mean?
8. If I said I was a townie, that means that out of the following three, I would most likely live in: Waimanalo, Wai'anae, Wai'alae. And I am a townie, by the way.
9. Why could I go to Kam School, but presumably, not you?
10. And why do my sisters slap my head every time they hear me say, "Kam School"?

posted by Bolo | 8:47 PM
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