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I Think I Think

Based on my not-so-best guestimate, we're roughly halfway through the summer break. All of you, of course, know what that means...

House lights go out...

Drum roll...

Cue Michael Buffer...

Laser show starts...

Ok. Maybe you don't know. Heck, I didn't know what the halfway point in the summer meant until I started writing this blog post. Anyway, I've decided to grace all of you with a random list of...

The Top Ten Things I Think I Think, Summer Special!
Without further ado or imaginary Michael Buffer intros, here they are:

10. I think that weather-wise, I could skip July and move right along to August. Why shower when you're only going to get all sticky two seconds after you step outside anyway? If I were at home, that would be a different story, as weather is always perfect, not to mention that the South shore is kickin' in the Summer months, Kewalo's being no exception. Unless you consider all da junk da Ala Wai wen empty into da da kine. Dahmys.

9. I think that I could use another five months of summer. Seriously. I don't have to see a whole lot of people, I get to work/read/write/eat a bunch, and I get to tan my Little Brown John butt off. Who needs school, right? Just kidding, Gary, just kidding. Kind of.

8. I think I want to sit in the library tomorrow and pull out some commentaries. I've not done that for a couple weeks. Should be fun :)

7. I think Scott and Emily need to have kids. Think of all the fun I could have! Wait. I'd have to share some of my acquired sustenace with the offspring. Hmmm. Lemme rethink this...I'll get back to you.

7. I think that my new and improved version of huge, the way cooler word hoog (rhymes with stooge), should be the latest jargon craze to hit school this Fall. Ask Charlotte Burcham what hoog means. She'll tell you. Or if you ask her right now, she might just show you ;)

6. Speaking of jargon, I think there are a few other words I'd like brought back or introduced here: grip, richter, guarans-babarans, and mug.

5. I think I hate Facebook's poke-rate limit. It's dumb.

4. I think I miss my camera :(

3. I think I would love to sit around with 'Drew and Boss and Kev...and rip da pidgin.

2. I think that Gary should send me some frozen Zippy's Chili. Ooohhh...yup...das right...

1. I think I may know what I'm going to do next summer. Maybe.

posted by Bolo | 11:24 PM
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