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Yesterday morning, Chriyus made me breakfast. Well, second breakfast; first breakfast was the leftover double cheeseburger from the night before. We sat on his couch, washing down the toast and eggs with coffee out of orange University of Tennessee mugs. I told him that when we get together next week, I'm buying the coffee so that he'll have to drink it out of my Notre Dame mug.

With the acknowledgment of the Fighting Irish's superiorority out of the way, our conversation turned toward more serious matters. One of the things we mulled over that still has me thinking today is the manner in which we, as Christians, often interact with one another. In particular, it's that generic declaration, "I'm fine," or, "I'm doing well."

Are we really?

Chriyus and I both know very well our own struggles as children of God: namely, that we don't live like what we are. If we're not fine, or we're not doing well, why do we say we are? Chriyus pointed out something very telling. He said that if we told the truth in our churches concerning our struggles as believers, no one would have to be admonished to fellowship with one another in love, nor would anyone go home; we'd all be telling the very first person we greeted how we struggled to mortify sin the week before, and in an ideal situation, we'd soon be immersed in penitent and supplicant prayer. Of course, it's much harder to do this with others we don't know. But should it be? After all, are we not one body, with Christ as the head?

In thinking over this, as well as my own struggles to really be honest with myself and with others, I keep coming back to the root sin of pride. I don't want others to know I'm struggling, particularly if they've already said they're doing well. That would make me look like some pagan, if week after week I said I'm struggling! *Sigh*'s yet another way I find to try to push the LORD away from His proper place as Lord over my life.

posted by Bolo | 2:28 PM
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