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For Whom the Bells Toll

Josh and Amanda Mimbsy are now married. Sweet :) I'm grateful to them for their friendship, but still more for the fact that they got married on a Friday so I didn't have to take off of work. Not that they did that just for me, but nevertheless, I was quite stoked about that.

They'd asked me to record video footage of the ceremony, which I was more than happy to do for my two buddies. They provided the equipment, and I provided a steady (if sometimes sweaty) hand or two. The problem with that setup? There was no Mini DV cassette in the case. When I asked Josh about that teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy problem, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "Uhhh."

Yeah. Uhhh.

Off I went to Walgreens to pick up some media for my soon-to-be hitched friends, hoping that Smythe would employ his superb intelligence and pick us out some choice seats. Smythe being Smythe, he was still looking around just of outside Broadus Chapel looking suave but confused, waiting for me to get back. Still, he more than showed his moxie as an assistant, timing the Mini DV cassette changing perfectly.

The reception was wonderful, not least due to the fact that our table was by far the most fun-filled. I mean, from the infamous Pepperjack Purveying to the kiddie tie worn by Glen Moore, there was no lack of ridiculousness to be observed at table 5. I think my favorite moment took place when we called over Todd Pellowe to photograph a certain table 5 member whilst he consumed a rose. Yes, a rose. Don't worry, I didn't eat the stem, I mean, the person didn't eat the stem, just the flower itself. I'm sure he won't get sick or anything; he looks like a pretty stout fellow. Or so says Todd Pellowe.

Ok, maybe not, I just wanted to get a little rhyme in there ;)

Have fun in Hawai'i, Mr. and Mrs. Mimbs!

posted by Bolo | 12:44 AM
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