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Dinner Lessons

The top ten things I've determined while having dinner with Mr. and Mrs. O'Neal tonight:

10. Scott gets easily intimidated by Emily's voracious eating habits.

9. Scott is fascinated with the word "okole".

8. I can shuck corn a lot faster than Scott can. The ratio is roughly three dark-kerneled cobs of corn for me to one white-kerneled cob of corn for him. Surely there's some deeper meaning to be found in our shucking, don't you think?

7. The O'Neal household now knows of Fate Yanagi. Yes, that Fate Yanagi.

6. Those crazy Burkey (like turkey, but with a "B") Turkeys think burping is cool. No wonder they love me :)

5. I need to find a clutcher.

4. Scott still has a hard time remembering he's married. It's a good thing I'm there to remind him.

3. We've determined exactly what the $60,000 should go toward.

2. One of Dr. Orrick's English Comp I classes from the Fall '04 semester featured a student who would walk in late, leave early, and write papers the morning they were due. No wonder people don't like him.

1. If I can't find a clutcher, I just need to go with the one I can make more slanty-eyes with.

posted by Bolo | 9:20 PM
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