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Random thoughts that flow through my mind, just after midnight...

Whew. I thought I had a mere 56 hours of work lined up for next week, but I just realized that I don't. I forgot about the 18 hours in the office at Carver, doing Ambassador work. John Moody was right...I don't sleep...and I still won't...

Speaking of next week, at some point I'm going to sit my butt down in a theater and watch the movies I've been meaning to watch but haven't quite seen yet. By myself. Or...maybe I'll kidnap that O'Neal guy...

Here's the burning question of the summer: Will Dining Services keep the $4.75 buffet during the course of the regular school year, or is the plentiful provender just a summer fling to help aleviate tension on Dining Service's staff due to the renovation of the cafeteria? Those who've seen my sustenance acquisition technique concerning this seasonal slew already know where I stand on the issue :)

On a far more serious note, it looks like Mon and Dave are finally going to get the baby. From what I remember Mon telling me yesterday, it's just a matter of the judge approving everything, and then she'll go over to the Marshall Islands and get the little girl. The approval, at this point at least, is pretty much at foregone conclusion. For those of you who've been asking and praying, I thank you heartily on their behalf...they're very grateful.

Hmmm...that reminds me...this one will be the second of three rugrats in one year. Mary's due sometime in the Fall, I think. Are there any other names that begin with "K" left in the world? Oh, and Gary, I've not heard of any retreats that FCF is planning to Timberline in the Fall...have you?

At the current rate they're churning them out, I predict that 'Drew will overtake Kev in total number of blog posts sometime around the winter solstice.

Yesterday, I was officially informed by the powers-that-be at Facebook that I poke people too much and too often. I'm not sure how to take this. One part of me realizes that, from a sys admin standpoint, they implement such limitations on their systems for specific and rational reasons. Another part of me wants to tell them the poke limitation is retarded, and should check to see if you're merely doing a poke-back, or an original poke. Yet another part of me wants to cry out in exultant ululation, as I've been recognized as a first-rate poker. I mean, now that I've achieved this notoriety, what else have I to strive for in life?

Speaking of achievement, I kindasorta set out to do a bunch of things at the beginning of the summer break. This is huge, as I'm not a goal-oriented person. While I won't say precisely how much I've actually accomplished, I will point out the fact that several days ago, I said I could do with another five months of Summer ;) That being said, I'm quite happy with where things are headed, going into the Fall Semester. Except, of course, for the fact that all those people are going to be around here, ruining my peace and quiet. *Sigh*.

I'm hungry.

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