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Sitting, Watching, Waiting...Wishing...

I sat there in silence, watching the heavy, cloudy darkness being edged away, much like the sun peels back and forces its way under the edges of my blanket in the morning. It was the perfect scene for sitting and thinking. I was inside, protected by several inches of shatterproof glass, while the storming world surrounding me was mine to view with a distant intimacy.

I wondered about days gone by, about the strange flavor that life has taken on. It's my fourth summer here in the Louisville area. It sometimes seems to me that time flies. (I wonder if there's a bird named Time. It wouldn't surprise me if I saw one flying with a big sign dangling from its underneath its feathered canopy, with the word "Time" on the sign.) I know things are changing, because my desires for life are changing. When I first came here, life was tumultuous, and I held fast to convictions I felt certain would lend weight to the inevitable gravity that came with such a move. When I think of those convictions now, I wonder...what changed? Why did things change? Are those things good? What's next?

Over all and through it all, I see God working. I'm stubborn, no doubt about that, but nevertheless, I see God working. If I didn't, I'd quit and go home. But I don't think I will, at least, not any time soon. It's not so much that I like it here (though I do). I think it boils down to one thing: when all is said and done, when the storms blow over, when the blankets are pulled off, when the wondering and pondering is finished for the day, God isn't quite done with me here...not yet.

At least, I think He's not ;)

posted by Bolo | 10:28 PM
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