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A few pics from home...since I can't take any pictures with my camera. Besides, who doesn't like pictures of Hawai'i? Or things in Hawai'i, for that matter :)

This sight greeted Andrew and me one afternoon. Unfortunately, bumper-to-bumper traffic on H1 is a familiar sight, as my niece and two oldest nephews will grumpily tell you. Fortunately, I looked upon such traffic as an opportunity to look around, wipe the sweat from my brow, and smile at the 'aina surrounding me.

I hate having pictures that are supposed to be sharp and clean come out all blurry. So with this picture, I took the flaw I despise and made it the focal point. Pun intended.

If you look really carefully, you can see the top of the antenna on 'Drew's car. The reason I bring this up? We discussed mounting/attaching/affixing/taping Boss on the top of it. Didn't happen; we felt too guilty to do it.

I had a little bit of time in Starbucks, but I felt a little weird constantly taking pictures of the random tourists sitting around me. I was trying to look at least somewhat studious, if not contemplative.

This is Makana. It belongs to Sarah (whom I call Peter...long story). Every time I go home, I always tease Sarah, telling her that Makana is looking quite plump and tender, and I prod an inquiring finger toward Makana's hindquarters in gentle gest. Sarah, naturally, not so gently prods my shoulder with her fist. This trip home, I told Sarah that I'd decided that Makana needed a new name: Breakfast. In turn, Sarah decided I needed another tattoo on my arm. Immediately.

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