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When we ate sushi, my dad and I were sitting next to one another. It was a very comfortable atmosphere to eat in, part of which was owed to the fact that it was a family-style meal. In some ways, the spectacle of seeing me eat while seated next to my dad is very much like watching me eat now and me eat in fifty years, but at the same time. How so? Well, consider our plates. The sushi was brought out on large serving plates, which were roughly the size of dinner plates. The plates we were given to eat off of were much smaller, more like salad plates. Naturally, with my father and I being of the same philosophical mindset when it comes to the of food, we figured that it would behoove us if we each took ownership of one of the serving plates.

With the food still on it.

My brother took note of our technique. Did he complain? Not really. He just shook his head and reminded us that the food was already dead, and wasn't going to go anywhere. My response? "Urrffhhnkitssshh...isshhgddw."

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