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Numbers Game

A large number of the post office box numbers at school have been reassigned, one of them being mine. The school post office being the school post office, I was able/forced to pick out my number. John Letoto being John Letoto, I smirkingly asked the clerk behind the desk if box 666 was available. That drew a few laughs from those in line behind me. I figured, hey, why not, right? The clerk looked through The List and informed me that that box was already taken.


I then asked her if box 777 was available. Once more, she scanned through The List, only to tell me that that was also claimed.

Double darn.

Ah! Then a stroke of genius fell upon me, and I knew precisely which number I would and should ask for! When the clerk told me that my elect, predestined, foreknown number was indeed mine, all mine, I could only grin like the big idiot I am. I told Mon about my new number, and agreed that it was indeed perfect for me. Of course, being that I'm the only one on campus for whom this number would fit, virtually no one else here would really understand why I'm so excited about having Box 808. If you need a little help figuring this out, click here.

posted by Bolo | 12:03 AM
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